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Once you have your marquee sorted you now have the exciting job of creating the right atmosphere. Whether it be a bar, dance floor or any other finer details you are looking for your event we can help.

Have a look below at what we can offer.



A bar is a perfect way to add a focal point for your event. They are made in house by ourselves and more importantly keep your guests watered. 



We work with our clients to style tables, chairs and chill out seating to suit their style and atmosphere they're looking to create for their wedding. 


Catering Marquee

Depending on your event caterer, they may require facilities. We can add a catering tent to fit their needs which is kitted out with lighting and flooring. 


Generator and Distribution 

Generators are nearly always essential for events. We can make sure that you have the essential kit needed to power your event and make sure there are redundancies in place for unexpected.  



We work with a premium linen supplier to offer a wide range of linen textures and colours. Linen can be versatile to match your theme and add depth to your event. 



To all those dancing queens out there, a dancefloor is a necessity to keep the party moving all night long! We have a range of dance floors to fit your number of guests. You can also add a spinning mirror ball to complete your dance floor. 


Fire Pits

Our hand made fire pits add a great meeting point outside our marquee for all your guests. We will provide looks and fire lighting kit, one less item you need to worry about. 


Onsite Manager

For added peace of mind, we can be onsite for the duration of your event to keep on top of the power, walls and fire pits. 



Lighting is an important aspect that can not be overlooked. Our bespoke lighting includes rustic Edison planks, polished spotlights, fairy lights and festoon lighting all designed to suit our crucks and more importantly, your event. 


Event Infrastructure

Events require a lot of back of house infrastructure ranging from cabling, heating,  and rubbish disposal. We can help with all of the above aspects.


Walkway and Terrace 

Our festoon light walkways create the perfect link from a house or venue to our marquees. We can also create a matted terrace for your guests to enjoy the warm summer nights. Nb. All our matting is stiletto proof!   


Luxury Toilets 

Toilets and essential to a lot of events, our luxury toilets will be dropped off before your event and pick up before you know so you don't have to worry about them.  

Want to discuss your event with us?

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